i’m dreaming of a white (and blue) christmas

Christmas Tree White Merry Christmas OrnamentI have to admit that I am not very traditional, so the thought of going the ol’ red and gold colour scheme for my Christmas tree never really appealed to me.

Though I am always willing to keep an open mind, I am of the thinking that decorating your Chrissie tree is similar to decorating your home – and red and gold aren’t fab together unless you’re going for an Asian theme (in my humble opinion).

So this year I have embraced the cool hues of blue, silver, grey and white. My home is already awash with blue tones so my chosen theme tied in nicely with my current decor.

Christmas Tree White Dove Ornament

Christmas Tree Blue Stocking OrnamentScreen shot 2012-12-05 at 8.06.17 PMChristmas Tree Blue Baubles and LampChristmas Tree Blue Joy OrnamentChristmas Tree White Glitter OrnamentScreen shot 2012-12-05 at 8.01.29 PMChristmas Tree with Blue, White, Grey and Silver ThemeNot a fan? Let me know what your colour scheme is this year. I also have some present wrapping posts coming your way that keep the cool blue theme going (I also believe the wrapping should match the tree).


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