a chat with melissa leung from miss paperie

Creative Cuts Range“There’s definitely something special about handmade products,” says Melissa Leung, creative mastermind behind Miss Paperie, the stationery business that’s been making hearts flutter since its creation in July this year.

The 22 year old Melbournite – a design student full time and self confessed stationery addict – tinkered with the idea of creating her own range of products for quite some time before Miss Paperie was born, but wanted to veer away from imitating others. “I was aware that there are already so many big, mass produced stationery lines out there and that wasn’t something I wanted to compete with”.

And so her unique line of cards and other paper treats was born. Her Creative Cuts range (pictured below) came first. “I couldn’t decide on a single colour scheme at the time, so I chose to make them in all the colours of the rainbow”.

When asked to lock in her favourite creation, Melissa is quick to offer up her geometric notepads (pictured below), which I must admit are my personal favourite too. “The actual process of designing and making them was a lot of fun and they were also the first products I sold from my online store”.

Geometric Notepads
Inspired by the things around her and having just showcased her beautiful stationery at the December Craft Hatch Market, Melissa’s says that when it comes to starting your own little venture, you just have to give it a go!

“If you love to create and are passionate about what you do, then I’m sure there will be others out there who will love your work too”.

Check out Miss Paperie and all the stationery goodness – including some of the breathtaking Christmas cards pictured below – here: http://misspaperie.bigcartel.com/

Christmas Range

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