get adventurous and decorate with red

Red Floral Aura BedspreadIt took me a long, long time to warm to decorating with red in the home. For me, it was a little too severe and not at all calm. But as I adopted a more relaxed approach to my home decor (and stopped trying to theme my rooms), I found that red ended up working with many other colours.

Check out some of the photos from my home and the homes I have visited in the past and perhaps you’ll be inspired to splash some of this fiery hue about your place!

Red Card in FrameScreen shot 2012-12-11 at 8.55.41 PMRed CrockeryI started with crockery. I loved the bright contrast of the red against the white in the plates and mugs above. The best part was that I could put them away when I wanted to, so they weren’t always on show but still made some impact when needed.

Over time, I popped a red card in a frame, scattered a few candles here and there and slowly but surely, my love of red started to blossom. I recently purchased four industrial-style dining chairs to go with a new wooden table, so it’s safe to say I’ve finally converted!

Red Industrial ChairsScreen shot 2012-12-11 at 8.59.25 PMRed Candle and MagnetStart off small if you’re not certain that red if going to work in your home. Add pops of light blue, greys, white and even dark wood tones or gold to balance out the impact. And if you have these colours in your home already, lucky you – they’re just waiting for some red to be introduced!

Red Lamp

7 thoughts on “get adventurous and decorate with red

  1. Love it!
    I have red lounges, red kitchen appliances, I collect red Murano glassware & drive a red car!
    Against a plain white house, it’s easy to decorate with red & ALWAYS looks good. I’ve had this look going for 12 years & it doesn’t look out of date either…
    Very cool!

    • Oh thank you! A friend of mine is just as obsessed and has red everything. I found it hard to take at first but now I am in love! You’re right; a white backdrop makes it so much easier too!

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