break the rules and colour clash

Freedom Furniture Coloured Owl and VasesHomewares mags and sites the world over are always stressing the importance of mixing colours correctly when it comes to home decor. But sometimes you just have to abandon the colour wheel and break a few rules! It’s time to embrace a rainbow of hues; let’s colour clash!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting you get out the rainbow flag. Instead, simply adopt a more relaxed approach to your decorating. You’d be surprised how well things can come together when you throw hues side by side without too much consideration! Here’s a little inspiration:


IMG_1618The lamp cluster above is a great example; red and yellow work together in perfect harmony and the green in the lampshade on the right completes the look. Below, cushions are presented on a bed in a way that is not very considered and the black, white, pink, blue and orange tones look lovely. The trick here is to use the colours subtly; the same colours done in block form, for example, would be too much.

IMG_1609Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 9.25.55 PMP1080612If you have a white or neutral palette to work with, pops of colour will tie in perfectly. Alternatively, bright paint will also work in giving vintage furniture a new lease on life. They’ll also succeed in a terrace home or an older style pad, where ornate fixtures will be balanced by bright, modern accessories.


P1060438Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 9.26.01 PMP1090097Crockery is a great way to jazz up your space and allows you to introduce colour slowly over time. If you’re not adventurous enough to paint a feature wall a radical colour or buy mismatched chairs in alternating hues, simply buy some bright baking dishes or mugs and be playful in a small way!


IMG_1835So the next time you’re wandering through a homewares store, don’t not purchase a piece because you think it won’t work with your theme! You can make just about any shade work somewhere in your home – so get a little daring and colour clash!

5 thoughts on “break the rules and colour clash

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