a chat with fashion designer nermin salih

Nermin Salih Sketching with Fabrics

Sydney based fashion designer Nermin Salih knows what she likes and what she doesn’t. A lover of photography (and clothing, of course), the 29 year old founder of Nermin Designs isn’t a fan of galactic inspired fashion. “I just think it’s very unattractive, thats all i can really say on it”. I sat down with this up-and-comer to learn more about her life creative.

She gave up the nine-to-five to pursue her creative dream | “I thought, screw it! I went and purchased a sewing machine and over locker, enrolled myself into a short sewing course and started working off commercial patterns. I’d create one garment and be like ‘wow, I made something!’ and it just gave me the drive to keep creating”.

Creativity is in her blood | “My mum can sew and has been taught the old traditional way where no pattern is required and you simply create garments off body measurements. My father was always good with making decorative things for the house. I was always sitting by his side watching him do all that so I think that’s where my love of creating things comes from”.

Her design studio is chaotic yet inspiring | “It’s not like a typical office where you know that your desk will be clean in the morning. There is thread and bits of fabric and pins and patterns everywhere. I have a large mood board with cutouts of pictures that inspire me and all my beautiful fabrics folded up so it is quite a colorful room”.

She likes selling her fashion at markets | “They’re a good platform for small designers wanting to get their brand out there. Customers get to come out and actually see the garments before purchasing. Plus in summer it’s lots of fun making a bit of cash in the sun”.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 9.06.26 PM

Nermin Salih at the Markets

As a designer, there’s a pressure to be fashionable | “Although I don’t always look it. Most times when I’m going out I try to wear my own label or I’ll just sew something up that same day if time permits. But then there are days where I look like a complete hobo (not the fashionable way!)”.

She steers clear of trends | “I’ve made mistakes where I thought I’d hit the target by making my pieces very on-trend. Soon enough, all the other clothing stores out there offer the same thing and your customers can simply go there”.

Inspiration can come from random places | “My boyfriend is a history buff, so we’re regularly attending museums and exhibitions. While he’s learning about an empire, I’m drooling over the jewellery and clothing worn by the queens of that time”.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 9.06.37 PM

 She adores her thimble | “My one was given to me by my father who passed away a few years ago. It’s old metal with beautiful, intricate detail and I still use it when hand sewing”.

 An honest mentor goes a long way | “I have a little old lady that used to be a costume designer and she’s who I go to for honest feedback and criticism. She tells me ‘no this is horrible; you can’t sew it like that’ and will show me a better way of doing it”.

She lives the life creative every day | “It’s in everything I do – even down to friends’ birthday gifts. I don’t like to buy stock-standard gifts from the stores. I usually make my friends a garment that fits their personality and even make their birthday card”.

Nermin Salih with her Clothing

Check out the Nermin Designs website here!

You can also like the Nermin Designs Facebook page here!

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