creative finds | this weekend’s top five

Duo Love Bird Keyring Holders

1 | There’s nothing better for a creative than when someone buys you something you actually like (it’s rare, right?) and when my mother got me these duo bird keyring holders, she was on the money! They double as a whistle too, which is random, but at least I have something to attempt to train the cats with.

Kikk K Make Today Happy Candle

2 | Something has happened to Kikki K that has taken it from amazing to phenomenal. It can only be put down to their happy range. This candle is just one of the many items I hyperventilated over in-store. They’re doing a whole 2013 happiness pledge that you can check out by clicking here. It’ a grand idea!

Time's a Wasting Art from MCA

3 | I am never disappointed when I have a wander through the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney’s Circular Quay. This piece of art is oh so simple in its message yet incredibly effective. Time really is a wasting; I’m trying to make every minute count.

Initial Mugs from Typo

4 | These mugs from Typo (the mecca for all things affordable and adorable), really tap into my love of initials and typography. One is for me and the other for my partner, Gavin. They certainly keep my home decor playful.

Herb Garden Labels from Sky Parlour

5 | A herb garden is on the horizon for the life creative front garden. I just hope and pray my green thumbs are up to the challenge. At least these handy ceramic tags from Sky Parlour will identify which herbs I haven’t been able to save!

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 4.47.44 PM


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