this roadside find became my bedside table


I think there are two types of people in the world; people who think that finding furniture on the roadside to refurb is dirty, disgusting and the things horror films are made of – and then, there’s me. Call me crazy, call it gross, but I love nothing more than slamming on the car brakes when I see a piece on the side of the road and hauling it back home to do over. Case in point – this amazing now-bedside table!

I had already completed my second-hand Vinnies stool makeover – and that included fabric and a staple gun – so I knew this project was going to be even easier. The best part was that I still had black spray paint left over that I got from Bunnings and I had some cream-coloured paint in my very cluttered craft cabinet (open it at your own risk).

So, first things first, I cleaned the table off. You’ll see from the photos that it was pretty dirty. I just wiped it down with water and a cloth outside. I did some very light (and I mean light) sanding just to get off some of the flakey bits of wood and then I waited until it was a still day outside and spray painted the top.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.51.52 PM


I am no handyman or professional, so once the spray paint on top had dried, you’ll see all I did was place some cling wrap over the top of the table and taped it down with masking tape (I am sure there are more high-brow ways to do this but it was the weekend and I was in an I want this done today crazy-haze.

With the cling wrap down, I gave the base and legs of the table two coats of the cream paint I had and by the afternoon it was pretty dry (I left it overnight just to be sure).


Voila – this pretty piece is now my bedside table, housing a nice lil bunch of flowers and some assorted bibs and bobs. I have a nice black and white bedspread at the moment so it ties in perfectly with the theme and the gold candelabra from IKEA adds a little pop of colour.


The tissue box holder I actually created myself (I went paper crazy on a number of things – more of that coming soon in a future post). But all in all I am pretty pleased with myself.

So please, the next time you find something on the side of the road, consider it. Granted, an old mattress and stove from 1965 can’t be transformed into anything but something like this little bedside table certainly can!

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Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.14.14 PM

11 thoughts on “this roadside find became my bedside table

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  4. I am the world’s biggest scavenger for roadside chuck outs…we all inherited for our mum. I once saw an AMAZING chest of drawers but by the time we’d doubled back someone else was taking it (so I grabbed something else they had their eye on and ran for it – sharing is caring right)? I just need the skills to revamp what I drag into the flat.

    • Oh I hear you loud and clear! I have done many a tyre-screeching moment to pull over and grab a roadside find. They really are easy to do up too if you pick an easy piece 😉

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