creative finds | this weekend’s top six

While the people of Sydney were going gaga over Mardi Gras this weekend, I was – predictable – caught up in my very own parade, across  local homewares stores!


1 | Granted, I’m not huge on orange, but there’s something kinda breathtaking about these awesome mine and yours Home Republic text pillow covers from Adairs; the clouds, the chevron back pillows, the pop of aqua. It’s the most playful bed I’ve seen in a while and I’m big enough to admit that I want to burn my current bedspread so I have a valid reason to get this one.


2 | I spotted this cute cluster of herbs outside Daisy’s Oasis in Darlinghurst when I was on the wander to have a cheeky drink. The idea of starting my own herb garden has been playing on my mind for a while – and I think Daisy’s litte arrangement has sealed the deal (sure, I have no idea if herbs grown in Autumn but I am willing to investigate)!


3 | My bird ornament obsession has been shafted for the moment now that I’m completely fixated on making cushions. My sewing machine is a magical contraption and these three fabrics – purchased from Spotlight – are the next instalment on the creative journey. I even have an order in from my mother-in-law (I chose the red fabric for her), so I must be doing something right!


4 | I had another one of those moments when I spotted this cushion in Freedom, where I almost pushed old ladies and children over in a state of pure ecstasy to get to it. Lord knows I love all things UK and this Trooping the Colour cushion is perfect for the red colour scheme with hints of blue and yellow I currently have going on in my living room. It’s my fave purchase in recent months.


5 | Clean up in isle four – a grown man just wet himself over bird bowls! Ok, so that didn’t quite happen, but get a load of these amazing bowls from Freedom. The black and pink colour pop would be a welcome surprise in any dining scenario. The range also spans across plates as well so you can grab the entire collection. Just beyond.


6 | I remember the days where I got dragged to Flower Power as a child (what a fool I was not to take in its amazement). These days, it’s so much more than just wandering for plants and getting an ice cream if I behaved myself. Now, Flower Power is a fully fledged go-to destination for amazing homewares like these. Hello coral! If you’re a fan of well thought-out decor, Flower Power needs to be in your GPS!

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.46.38 PM

4 thoughts on “creative finds | this weekend’s top six

  1. That navy floral fabric is a Spotlight treasure! Oh why don’t they have Spotlight in the UK?! And the herb garden is a must – I don’t know how we’d manage without ours. We have rosemary, sage, thyme, chives, fennel, and basil in the summer. It makes a world of difference to cooking to have fresh herbs on hand.

    • Oh really? Ok, I’m sold on the herb garden. Do they grow in winter and cope with the cold? Not that Sydney gets as cold as the UK would. And the floral fabric is going to be turned into a cushion for my couch. I can’t wait 🙂

  2. I have only recently become a fan of orange, so I am loving number 1. I am not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I am glad I did – its FAB. Keep up the good work!

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