stationery bliss at little paper lane


I’d known for a long time – being an absolute stationery lover – that an expedition to Little Paper Lane in Sydney’s Northern Beaches was going to be an awe-inspiring experience. I wasn’t quite ready, though, for just how jaw-droppingly amazing it actually was (cue the love song!).


P1090849 P1090854

I won’t lie, it wasn’t exactly a short drive. But good Lord was it worth the trip. Settled amongst a strip of shops in Move Vale, you can’t miss the boutique; the shop window has lovingly been decked out in a rainbow of colour in celebration of equal love (timely considering the mardi gras just took place in Sydney). The moment I saw the window I knew I was approaching heaven.



The space itself is small but jam packed full of goodness. My eyes had no safe place to rest as they darted between cards, pencils, wrapping, paper pom poms (I wanted pom poms in my house!) and so much more. The tea cosy below is the first thing I spotted as I walked in the door. I don’t even drink tea and I want one of those. They come in a few awesome pastel colours and evoked such a cute sense of wintery warmth.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 9.09.45 PMP1090876 P1090877 P1090862

I was just raving about my adoration of ribbon in this week’s top creative finds, so the moment I realised there were oodles of it in this store I became little overwhelmed. There are so many cards to choose from, with gorgeous illustrations that remind me of the artwork I see in Frankie Magazine. There were also amazing pencil jars and candle holders made out of real tree wood. I could have passed out there and then.

P1090855 P1090858

P1090902 P1090901

Another moment of cuteness was the paper garlands, scattered around the place, with some cut in a love heart shape using pages from books. This is such a good idea and I might just try it out myself in an upcoming project, so stay tuned for that! There was also a giant wicker basket of ribbon that I wanted to dive into and a whole lot of gift tags on brown paper, which I just adore.

P1090884Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 9.12.10 PMP1090887 P1090888

It’s no secret I am in love with all things industrial, so this piece above was right on the money in terms of my furniture taste. I can very much see this paired with my industrial coffee table, books sitting atop it and a few nicely placed candles or a lamp. The garland below says ‘you are lovely’ and was a really cute addition to the display shelves. What a nice idea this would be for an anniversary present.


P1090859 P1090886

P1090916 P1090868

There’s a cute little baby section too, which as always makes me wish I was having one so I could buy things for it. Alas, I simply admired from afar. There are also a lot of cute and inexpensive craft ideas, like the book below that’s been transformed into a decorative piece simply by folding the pages. Paired with a vase of flowers they make for a very neat couple!

P1090852Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 9.14.14 PMP1090881

Little Paper Lane is a real store with heart. If only I lived closer. Thankfully for those of us that don’t, there’s an online store so we can still soak up all the lovely gems this place has to offer. A big thanks to Jayde (the creative mastermind behind the store) and her husband Steve for letting me pop in and snap these pics for you. I really do recommend you support this local favourite and check them out in person or online. You’ll notice the slogan on the store window reads ‘let love happen’. Well, Creatives, it certainly did when I met Little Paper Lane.

P1090920 P1090923

Check out the Little Paper Lane website by clicking here.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 9.16.59 PM

8 thoughts on “stationery bliss at little paper lane

    • Oh you are more than welcome! It was well and truly worth the drive. I love the shop – and your amazing front window 😉 I must come for a watercolours class some time.

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