creative finds | this easter weekend’s top seven

Now I’m never one to complain about a four day weekend, but I was gutted to discover that so many homewares stores were closed (first world problem!). Not that it slowed me down entirely; I just packed a lot into the two days the stores were trading and got to a few bars in-between (all for research, you see).


1 | The Clock Hotel just underwent a killer renovation and I had to go to scope out the new-and-improved decor (it had nothing to do with wanting a wine!). These mind-blowing orange and teal industrial stools – clustered together to make a faux table – were just too good and reminded me of my industrial coffee table. I have an entire tour of the hot and happening new Clock coming up this week!


2 | While my early twenties were all about a cheeky drink on Oxford Street, I am delighted to say that I now get drunk on home decor there. These awesome bowling pins from the very cool Tic Toc Antiques are a perfect example. I would love a cluster of these in my outdoor area, as the feel out there is very ‘anything goes’. This pair would play very well in the space and tie in well with my love of second hand finds.


3 | I do love me a wooden cooking utensil and these bad boys from IKEA are just what the Masterchef ordered. The cluster was used on a display at the entrance to IKEA Tempe and the natural vibe of the wood is set off nicely by the metallic holders. I must say that IKEA does kitchens and their accessories really well, so it’s definitely my go-to destination for those items (and let’s be honest; I’m like a kid in a candy store the moment I’m let loose in that market hall).


4 | I was rather delighted to not only venture into Typo but to find them on Twitter and Facebook this week. Now I can show them the love over social media that’s been brewing for so long – but in a totally not Single White Female kinda way. This Mr Fox hot water bottle I spotted in-store is beyond cute and is the perfect companion to keep you warm on a cold Autumn night – and he doesn’t bite you for food like my cats do!


5 | So I had an sudden urge to buy some plants to jazz up my outdoor area this weekend (inside scoop on that soon), so my partner and I hit Flower Power in Mascot for a look-see. Of course a look-see comprised of perusing every nook and cranny in the place – and these little guys sparked my interest. I love these pink gnomes for their pop of colour and aged effect. Don’t you think they’re a bit dapper?


6 | Now, I’m almost about as obsessed with mugs as I am with cushions, so it’s been rather difficult to stick to keeping just one set in my home over the past few years. These colourful mugs from Bed Bath ‘N’ Table made the effort so much harder. I love the lime green pattern second from the left (very Moroccan-inspired) and the green chevron on the right. If you’re in the market for new mugs, you know where to get some.


7 | I love a wander through Surry Hills and my stroll down Crown Street on Friday didn’t disappoint. I loved this old-school looking pink bicycle, leaning against the set of weathered stairs. I also loved the shadow it cast on the wall. The not-so-gorgeous element of the picture: the House of Fetish in the Background (not exactly the creative find I was on the hunt for), but that’s the beauty of Surry Hills, right – the element of surprise?

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 8.47.37 PM

3 thoughts on “creative finds | this easter weekend’s top seven

  1. Mine was finding out the Boatshed of Palmy is open at Balmoral.. I used to drive up to Palmy to be surrounded by the beauty and now I can jog there!!

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