industrial dream in the clock hotel’s new courtyard


It’s safe to say I’ve been going to The Clock Hotel for many years. In fact, my partner and I had our second date there (cue the dreamy, romantic music), so it’s more than cemented itself as one of Surry Hills’ definitive go-to destinations for not only myself but my circle, too. For a long time, locals knew that an arvo at The Clock was all about the upstairs balcony. But hold the phones, creatives, because the downstairs area has had a major revamp and it’s an industrial dream I never want to leave (what balcony?!).


Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.28.48 PMP1100672P1100637

The renovations were finally completed in November 2012 and boy was it worth the wait. I am sure the guys at The Clock won’t mind me saying that the old lounge area at the back of the venue was a bit of a, shall I say, quiet area. There were stacks of pool tables and seating but the decor was a little uninspiring and people tended to head straight upstairs so they could wine and dine in the sun. Now, the courtyard is the new go-to spot, housing an abundant amount of seating, a stunning tree and enough raw, decorative elements to give this lover of all things industrial a little heart palpitation.

P1100617Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.27.25 PM


P1100627The industrial elements of cement, wood and metal are softened by just the right amount of greenery and cushioned seating. There’s something wonderfully simplistic about the oversized tree at the back of the courtyard, that rises right up to the roof. Because of its sheer size, it becomes a real focal piece for the area and sits so nicely against the artistic wall. There’s also the occasional decorative piece that teams with the theme perfectly, like chalkboards displaying signage and adverts, as well as the rustic clock which I wanted to rip off the wall and take home. On a side note, I am absolutely in love with the yellow metal stools. I want them, I need them, it has to happen.P1100610 P1100602 P1100629Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.25.23 PMP1100607

P1100611The balance of new and old is very well thought out in this courtyard. I am in love with the finish on the four coloured tables above; it’s such a nice contrast to the aged, wooden tables scattered about the space.

The lighting is another stand-out element. How amazing are the glass lanterns on the right? It’s an industrial dream I don’t want to wake up from! The black fold-up chairs around the space also keep it looking extremely relaxed but tidy too.

They’ve also zoned the space really well, meaning it’s good for an intimate lunch, a civilised dinner or a rowdier evening with a few cheeky shots!P1100643P1100657

I found myself gravitating toward the succulents in terracotta pots by the side of the courtyard. Again, I love the relaxed, industrial vibe. It feels incredibly thrown together – I love when outdoor areas achieves this feel. Nobody wants to kick back in a stuffy surround and the team behind this reno have kept that in mind. The standout of the whole experience, though, was the cluster of aged metal stools – coloured orange and teal – that sat right near the succulent windowsill. How breathtaking!

P1100640 P1100623

Apart from all the amazing industrial elements and the surprise pieces like the awesome faux parrot above, it would be wrong of me not to mention how amazing the new menu is. The brisket burger is a definite winner for the tastebuds and partners well with my go-to bevvie, a good Savvy B (and you know how much I like a good Savvy B!).

P1100634 P1100716

Everything about The Clock Hotel feels new again! It has kept its historial charm indoors and injected a stunning new vibe outside that’ll keep it going for years to come. You really must go check it out some time. And if you see an over-excited guy with a white wine in his hand drooling over the brickwork or lanters – that’s just me – be alert but not alarmed!

Find out more about this stunning venue by checking out there website – just click here!

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 9.24.07 PM

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