simplicity and sophistication at country road


It takes quite a store to lure me away from using bright colours in my home. But only moments into my snap-filled store tour of Country Road in Bondi Junction, I felt compelled to call my partner, tell him the skip was pulling up outside at any given moment and prepare him for yet another complete home overhaul. You know, a  leave nothing behind scenario. This is what I call the CRE (Country Road effect) – and boy had I been struck down with it.

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Established in 1974 but with a recent intent to veer toward a younger market, Country Road manages to perfectly blend simplicity and sophistication when designing their homewares range. The colours are exquisite, with light timber and white hues dominating their tableware and beautiful cream and grey tones as the base for their soft furnishings.



Within this classic palette comes a welcome and often unexpected pop of colour. But that’s Country Road for you – they’re all about natural simplicity, with a relaxed and spontaneous vibe. I’m going gaga over not only their use of subtle shades like mustard and coral and soft, baby blues, but with the bright pops of neon in their bedding and cushions. In their tableware, the lime green was a clear standout, bringing out the best in the black, white and brown shades that surround it.

P1110002P1110008Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.53.03 PMP1100999

Country Road is definitely your go-to destination for all things warm and cosy for Autumn, a great place to pick up a birthday gift and definitely the store to visit it you’re on the hunt for something timeless like an engagement or birthday present. With crockery, cushions, bedding, cutlery and an array of decorative pieces like candles and frames, this mecca for all things relaxed yet luxurious has me re-thinking my home decor. I mean, just look at those throws and blankets below!


I am sure my partner was quite happy to have not received the call to clear out our house, but with my birthday coming up I am sure at least one corner of my home can get a Country Road revamp! And with a simple and sophisticated range like this, it’s easy to find pieces to fit in with your current decor. Bring.It.On!

For more information on these homewares check out the Country Road website.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 9.45.04 PM

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