my top five market picks for a cosy autumn

Winter is but a few months away and this past week in Sydney has been rain-filled and chilly. For me, that means a state of unadulterated bliss, as I love everything about Autumn. Ok, the death of daylight savings was not welcomed, but I adore the chance to rug up, get the fingerless gloves on, eat like it’s going out of style and generally hibernate. Here are my five market picks to make that chill a little bit cuter.

16. moments_stroll


Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 8.07.46 PM

1 | I am almost as obsessed with candles as I am with cushions so this adorable Elume candle, A Stroll in Manhattan, is perfect to add a little warmth to a cosy night in. It’s very Sex and the City and available on The Home website.
2 | I am not a tea drinker but I am so into tea cosies. This knitted one comes courtesy of Typo – possibly the most affordable store in Aus for decorator items and stationery. Smitten!
3 | Charcoal grey – there’s no better hue for Autumn! I am also in love with the finish of this Lappland wool blend tote bag from kikki K. The perfect shopping bag to take to the markets!
4 | Country Road is phenomenal for homewares but even better for cosy clothing. I need the scarf, need the jacket, need the boots. There are no words. Just deep, deep love.
5 | Photos from my store tour of Freedom are on the way, but here’s a sneak peek and of one of my fave pieces at present; the Poncho Throw. Get a load of the colour options. Perfect for the couch.


Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 8.21.13 PM

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