the versatility of monochrome decor


I am a colour fiend – I can’t help it. But if it’s one thing I wish I had the restraint to do, it’s work a monochrome colour palette in my home. I see black and white furniture, crockery, soft furnishings and more in stores and my heart flutters a little. There’s something so simplistic about this theme. Here’s a little inspiration from my time spent swooning toward these colours.


I think the versatility of a black and white scheme is what appeals to me the most. It so advantageous to be able to throw in gold, for example, to instantly make your home look a little high-end luxe. If you want a more relaxed vibe, shades of grey and brown can easily be introduced to add a sense of casual warmth. And for colours lovers like myself, throwing in some bright pops of yellow or blue instantly make your home a little sunshine-and-lollipops happy (like with my bedspread below).


The best way to ensure that black and white doesn’t become monotonous and stuffy is to use texture and pattern to keep things interesting. Go for bold stipes, polka dots and geometric shapes on your soft furnishings and use layers to add interest through cushions, throws, vignettes and more. I find it you don’t use these tricks, the vibe can easily become sterile (and nobody wants to live like that, right?).


If, like me, the thought of going completely black and white has you experiencing night terrors, use art like the piece above to add a bit of interest and drama to your space. It’ll go with just about anything and can work really well in a colourful home that needs to be pulled back and calmed down a bit.

Let me know what pieces above take your fancy and if you’re working the versatility of this monochrome scheme in your own home.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 3.35.40 PM

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