this week’s top seven creative finds


1 | I love a good book (well, homewares book) and I love the opportunity to eat, drink and gossip. How fitting then that this awesome tea towel from Tea Towel Empire came my way this week. I love their ban on floral designs and their tongue-in-cheek approach. They have a whole world of varying text-clad tea towels, but this one has to be my favourite – love the colours!


2 | You know I love a good bird ornament, but the crush doesn’t stop there. This cute owl mug caught my eye as I wandered about Newtown at the weekend and further cemented my obsession with all things bird-homewares. You can grab this bad boy for yourself at Monster Threads, along with a world of other cute pieces in-store or online.


3 | I always say the garden is the place for mismatched furniture and plants, so a table and chair combo like the one above is all sorts of amazing in creating a rustic space that doesn’t try too hard. I love the weathered table top and naturally gravitate to all things UK, so the metal chair is a winner, too. These pieces were spotted at Furniture Haven in Newtown.


4 | I flock toward colour like a kid in a candy store, so I was naturally all over these straws at Reclaim in Newtown. Inside info: the store was founded by the amazing Monica Trapaga – the legendary Play School host! It’s now being operated by her daughter, too, and I have every intention of doing a complete store tour soon so I can show you just how breathtaking it is!


5 | In case you hadn’t gotten to message loud and clear after all my banging on about it – I am now studying design at the International School of Colour and Desigh (hurrah!). I got this exciting bag upon entry at my first class and it holds a world of supplies for my course, including paints, brushes, a textbook and so much more. I may never put it down. Look out world!


6 | As I walked into Halchemy Design in Newtown I exclaimed to my partner “the vintage stores back there were crap but this one is amazing”. Of course I didn’t realise the shop assistant heard me when I walked in. But at least I was giving kudos to just how amazing this store is. I particularly loved this basket of antique door plates. How nice it would be to see these in a home reno combining new and old (my fave type of contrast!).


7 | I cannot get enough of retro prints, so when I saw an entire wall of them on King Street in Newtown I almost screamed the suburb down. I picked up three very cool pieces in complementary colours for just five bucks each – and as soon as I get frames for them I shall show you the trio in all their arty glory! I love the playfulness of prints like this.

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