pimp your office with typo’s new releases

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Typo is hands down the place to go for affordable stationery, giftware and decorative pieces. It also happens to make me feel rather youthful and so very on-trend every time I visit the store. They’ve blended the right amount of form and function (with a dash of hipster chic) and their latest releases for your office are no different. Let’s pimp it out!

Typo May Product - Black and Gold

ABOVE: This is exactly what I mean when I say I love the youthful vibe of Typo. Get a load of those Transforma Headphones – essential for strutting down the street listening to your fave tunes! The Baroque iPhone Cover – in all its studded black and gold glory – has to be the winner here, though, because it’s so very ghetto glam. Also pictured: Botanical Imposter Journal.

Typo May Product - Desk MakeoverTypo May Product - Road Tripping

ABOVE: The Metal Beer Plaque gives a nod to old-school Americana, while the Giant Peg in Black is all sorts of awesome for holding photos or the many post-it-notes that constantly plague my desk. My top pick, though, has to be the Red Wireless Clock – because I love a bold splash of red and I’m very fond of a good clock. Also pictured: Route 66 Newspaper Holder.

Typo May Product - Storage

ABOVE: I love the industrial workman theme that’s going on with that Red Total Tool Open Cup – it’s so playful. The Antique Tommy Drawer Set is probably my favourite piece though, because it’s so good for holding onto an array of craft and stationery items like staples, paper clips, cork board pins and more. They stack so easily on top of one another as well, so you can have Tommy and his entire family looking after your gear! Also pictured: Paper Planes Storage Craft Double Magazine holder and Paper Planes Storage Craft Four Drawer.

Typo May Product - Tech

ABOVE: The 13″ Tickets Design Neoprene Laptop Case is perfect for the guy or gal on-the-go and keeps things playful with its mix of colours and unique design. BELOW: I spot a bird travel mug. Hold me back! You know I go a little batty for anything featuring a bird. These Nomad Traveller Mugs – in Bird Nerd, Heart and Pretty Floral designs – are just too cute and perfect for an Aussie winter when you’re blowing cold-air rings out of your mouth and need a hot bevvie!

Typo May Product - The Nomad

All the products featured in this blog post are available in-store at Typo from May 13.

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 8.10.15 PM

2 thoughts on “pimp your office with typo’s new releases

  1. Hi, is the sound quality and life span of the earphones good for its price? Thanks and please let me know! Prices in my country, when converted, becomes very expensive so I need to know if I’m investing my money for good. Thanks so much!!!

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