mother’s day markets at the grounds


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of The Grounds of Alexandria. I’ve shown you just how breathtaking this venue is before on my garden tour. So when I caught word that they were putting on Mother’s Day markets, well, it kicked my excitement levels into overdrive and of course, I had to check it out. From flowers to food to farm animals – it was all there – and I snapped it like a fiend for your viewing pleasure!


I arrived at The Grounds on an empty stomach as I had a brunch planned. So when I cast my eyes upon the likes of Salt Meats Cheese‘s range of spreads and the Maya Sunny Honey packages I was in a state of pure salivation. I always appreciate the way products are packaged, too, and these two creative companies have it nailed. I just wanted to rip off the lids and dive right in (who doesn’t like a bit of peanut butter and honey on fresh bread? You’d be mad not to!).


If it’s one thing The Grounds does well on a regular weekend, it’s flowers! I didn’t think I had seen arrangements so impressive until I spotted some of the bouquets on offer at the Mother’s Day markets. Get a load of the purple and pink scenario that’s happening above. And everyone from a three-year-old to the elderly knows that brown paper adds something special. Let me at ’em!


Of course I couldn’t work the markets without stopping by the Sky Parlour stall to say hello to my fave Kensington creatives, Karina and Vaishali. I have sung their praises many a time and shown you their beautiful wares on my store tour, but there was something wonderful about seeing their goodies sprawled out on a table outdoors. The floral plate set had to be my fave piece, along with the four-set of coasters – wrapped up in twine (because everything is better with twine).

P1110716 P1110661

The smell of bacon and eggs was in the air but my senses were drawn to the colourful macarons that adorned a table in the covered area of the garden. Samples of these delicious treats were being offered up and were absolutely to-die-for. Before I took off, I managed to snap a few shots of the lambs and sheep that were doing their thing in the centre of the grounds; drawing a very large crowd of little ones who were fascinated by their shenanigans.


If you missed the Mother’s Day markets, you catch the next full ┬ámarkets on Saturday June 1. Check out the Grounds of Alexandria website if you’re after some more info and don’t forget to drop me a comment below if you checked out the markets or plan to do so in the future – I’d love to know what appeals to you most about this garden paradise!

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