an exclusive look inside the aparttment


The Sydney CBD is inundated with places to eat and bars to drink at, but what’s been missing for quite a while is the presence of boutique stores you usually find scattered about the Eastern Suburbs (or down in Melbourne, for that matter). Things changed very recently when The Aparttment opened its doors, giving city dwellers the chance to immerse themselves in one-of-a-kind clothing, homewares, art and accessories. Brace yourselves, Creatives, this one’s a goodie!

P1110807 P1110801 P1110911

What struck me the most the moment I walked into this haven was the way the goods were displayed. Succulents in mini hessian bags and colourful tea sets were arranged perfectly on vintage ladders in the shop window, while gorgeous little terrariums hung from old tree branches. It was as though I had died and gone to my own private industrial salvage yard (and you know I love second hand and industrial finds).

P1110804 P1110818 P1110846

As I delved further into the store, the quirkier items like the skull candles were arranged beside the softness of indoor plants, throws and tea towels – making for a perfect contrast between hard and soft. Accessories were striking, like the earrings displayed on cheese graters, while stacks of candles were nestled inside old suitcases. It was as though I had been transported into an old Hollywood flick (the store also channels a distinctly Parisian vibe, which I’m smitten with).

P1110816 P1110827 P1110826

Once past the table of candles, accessories, cards and plants, fashion was the name of the game. The owner, Claire Coppins, displays her Tighttigers line of clothing perfectly, on old copper piping that plays so well with the concrete walls and industrial light fixtures. Gorgeous rugs adorn the floor, while enormous drapes drop from the ceiling around the change rooms. The best part of this entire fit-out, you’ll have to agree, has to be the gigantic faux tiger that sits toward the back of the store. He’s just too good for words!

P1110834 P1110837 P1110849 P1110857

Granted, The Aparttment is predominantly female-skewed – with its very on-trend fashion and accessories – but I will argue that there’s more to this gem than meets the eye. There’s so much going on in one breathtaking wander through the place that you almost need to have a second lap. Art and books are also on offer here, T2 tea sits proudly on a large shelf and there are beautiful furniture pieces and lighting (oh those copper lights – just beyond) that you’ll want to feast your eyes on and beg your other half to let you purchase for home.

P1110864P1110882 P1110868 P1110899

What’s most impressive about this entire story is that Claire is so passionate about The Aparttment. She’s created her own label, opened a store, works around the clock and does all the merchandising herself (the displays in this place are some of the best and most interesting I have seen). If you know George Street, the store is located smack bang between Peter Alexander and The Cupcake Bakery. And if you aren’t familiar with the CBD, this must-see store is going to get you acquainted! A definite go-to place for gifts, that’s for sure.

P1110904 P1110880

Check out the Aparttment website or the Facebook page for more information.

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