an easy ikea mood board makeover


I’m a big believer in personalisation. I don’t want something that everyone else has. Thankfully, there are very easy ways to take mass-produced items and make them your own. This mood board makeover is a classic example. The original magnet board is from IKEA. It’s fine as it is, of course (if that’s your thing), but I have far too much fabric not to put it to good use. And I know IKEA would be all for it. So, here we go. Get your creative hat on and let’s do this!


As you can see above, it was a very simple magnet board. As I said, fine as it is, but for me, not dynamic enough. I got some fabric and craft glue from Spotlight for this project. That’s really all you need, and it honestly takes no time at all to complete!

1 | Simply lay your fabric down on a flat surface, place the magnet board over it and cut the fabric to size, allowing for about a 5cm give around the edge.

2 | Next, squeeze glue onto the magnet board. You won’t need a lot, but enough that the fabric is not going to move around once the board is up.

3 | I did long lines of glue from left to right, about five lines in total, horizontal. Once you squeeze the craft glue on, put the fabric over it quickly and smooth it over.

4 | Once you have the front of it completely glue down and smoothed out, turn the board over and wrap the sides around and glue them down too.

5 | Add some magnets! The ones pictured here are also from IKEA. I think they play very well with the colours in the fabric. But mix and match as you please!


I chose a busy design on purpose. Not only did I want it to be quite bold and striking, but I wanted to be able to cover it with items and still see the intricate pattern underneath. Something to think about when you’re deciding on which fabric to use. Also, a thicker fabric will bode well for this project; too thin a fabric and you’ll see the glue come through (not a good look!).


Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 11.35.08 AM

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