this week’s top seven creative finds


1 | It’s no secret that I pretty much need coffee drip-fed to me on a daily basis (is four coffees too many?), so when I spotted these amazing Lavazza A Modo Mio machines at Myer at the weekend I went a little batty with excitement. I’m in love with the colourful sheen on these  bad boys and the blue and green shades have to be my favourite. Check out their website for the full colour range!


2 | Jonathan Adler has to be the king of a colourful pattern and these Nifty Gifty Note Cube sets prove it. I love the square design on the set above; somewhat classic but still incredibly playful – an ideal combination if you ask me. I spotted these ones during my wander about Myer. These are perfect for my blogging desk at home!


3 | This week I got the fantastic opportunity to get a sneak peek into the wondrous new issue of Bespoke Magazine. I think I’ve found my new publication crush! This mag blends art, crafts, creative peeps and a whole lot more (sounds like The Life Creative!) – and the results are just beyond! I’ll be bringing you a more in-depth look inside issue 9 tomorrow – so stay tuned!


4 | I popped into my fave venue for all things industrial, The Clock Hotel, for a bite to eat on Saturday after my haircut and couldn’t help but take a snap of my favourite clock from their clock wall. There’s loads of them sprawled out across the space, but this retro baby is by far the best one. If you’re a clock lover, check out my which-are-you-Wednesday: clocks post and vote for your fave one. And for more on The Clock’s courtyard makeover, click here.


5 | Table settings don’t get much better than this. I love the luxe feel of the gold vases in this House & Garden tableware cluster. The pink glassware adds a nice bit of contrast too, as do the gorgeous faux flowers and twine. Whoever is doing the merchandising at Myer needs a medal – I just love what they’re doing of late!


6 | Lord knows I love a Savvy B to unwind after a long day at the office, so I was chuffed to discover a brand new watering hole moments away from my workplace. Palmer & Co is an absolute must-see. The layout works, the decor is amazing (very reminiscent of the prohibition era) and the staff are stellar. I love all the exposed brickwork, which you get a small taste of in the pic above, but do get there and check it out for yourself.


7 | I have been revelling in the fact that the cold Autumn weather has been making its presence known. It’s my fave season by far and gloves like the ones above from Topman are part of the reason. There’s nothing better than some gloves, a jacket, a scarf and a nice, crisp chill in the air. I stocked up on a few winter basics at Topman on Friday – and because I call them ‘basics’ it allows me to spend a lot and write it off as essential items shopping. Winning!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 7.07.12 PM

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