which-are-you-wednesday: mugs

I’ve gone through more mugs than I have underwear over the years, because stores continue to churn them out at lightening speed. I think a mug says a lot about who are you. I was using a Bold and the Beautiful mug at work for a while. I hope everyone understood the irony. It was five dollars from Coles, so it seemed foolish not to grab it. But I digress. Onto this week’s which-are-you-Wednesday: mugs!


ABOVE: The Global Colour mug has a distinctive Bollywood feel. Bright, bold and anything but boring, they add a sense of adventure to you sip! (Stockist: The Aparttment).


ABOVE: This Quirky Owl mug doesn’t go too juvenile in its illustration, but the left-of-field design ensures things stay interesting. (Stockist: Monster Threads).


ABOVE: There’s a lot to be said about the understated design of this Classic Stripe mug. It’s not out there, it’s still stylish and the mustard stripes add interest. (Stockist: Country Road).


ABOVE: The colourful design of this Playful Art mug is wonderfully young and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is slightly childish but that’s the whole point! (Stockist: Opus Design Co).

BELOW: The Vintage Chic mug is all sorts of second-hand bliss. Reminiscent of a cuppa at Nan’s house, it’s slightly luxe and definitely lovely. (Stockist: Vinnies)


Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 11.44.15 AM

17 thoughts on “which-are-you-wednesday: mugs

  1. I love you the life creative but you must do a mug post and a cup post so that we are sharing apples with apples. Love the simplicity of the stripes (and guess what we had a function for 100 people and purchased the red dotted ones from Kmart for 2 bucks each and it look so good.

  2. I am actually finding this the most difficult week yet! I love the classic strip mug from CR but I think my favourite might be the playful mug from Opus Design Co. Love that place!

  3. Thanks tlcreative, you’ve inspired a rethink of our Tuesday Stitch ‘n Bitch, where it’s all about tea really…. I’ll take the lot – Global Colour in teal and fuchsia for me, fuchsia and yellow for E, stripy yellow for S, Quirky Owl for L, B definitely gets the Vintage from Op Shop and J bought the crayon ones for her kids but has nicked them for herself and BYO to our tea party… what fun!

    • haha I love it – seems you have all the girls covered. And just as an FYI, it’s totally acceptable to drink champas out of the global teacups if you want to channel the Melbourne Cup theme again at the Stich n Bitch – I am all for it!

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