things i’ve learnt about blogger jen bishop

At last year's Belle Awards

Take it from me – blogging is not for the faint hearted. There’s the pressure of posts, anxiety over images and stress over social media, not to mention the worry over readership. But blogger extraordinaire Jen Bishop seems to take it all in her stride, having successfully carved out a career as an interiors blogger and founder of The Interiors Addict; one of Australia’s leading home and lifestyle blogs. I caught up with this inspiring gal to get the full story on life as an interiors addict.

The Interiors Addict is just two years young and started small. “I wouldn’t even call it a blog at that stage, it was just a Tumblr with loads of photos of things I loved. It soon took over my life though, and amazingly, thousands of people started reading! A year later I moved it across to WordPress and six months ago I left my full-time job and made this my career”.

The ethos of the blog – style without snobbery – is important. “Because creating a home you’re proud of and that makes you feel happy should be for everyone. It should be about what you love and discovering that your surroundings can make you feel great. You really don’t need a lot of money to create a gorgeous space”.

She’s proud of how far the blog’s come in two years. “Especially as I was juggling a full-time job as a magazine editor for most of that time. What I would say though is that it has taken a lot of hard work. I’ve put my heart and soul into this to make it what it is. And I think that’s the key with blogging, or making anything a success: you have to really 100% love it”.

Making flower bombs at Megan Morton's the School with stylist friend Emma Blomfield of Nest Designs

Managing social media is fun, not stressful. “I’m lucky that it comes naturally to me and I really love it, which helps. I’ve been really into it since 2008. I like to chat and it’s a way of connecting with hundreds and thousands of other people. What’s not to like?”

There’s an added pressure to have a well-styled home. “You do feel an extra pressure to showcase something amazing. And I’m not an interior designer or stylist so I can only do my best! My idea of hell is someone dropping ’round unannounced when I haven’t had a chance to put the vacuum round or get fresh flowers!”

A soulless home is a decorator no-no. “I don’t like it if go to people’s homes and they don’t have any stuff! I mean, there’ll be a lounge, TV, table and chairs and that’s it; no art, decorative things, photos or knick knacks around that say something about the people who live there. Those homes feel soulless to me”.

Getting your decor right should be a journey, not a one-shop solution. “Don’t rush out and try and buy a whole room’s worth of furniture and accessories in one weekend or worse, from one shop. It won’t work. A little patience goes a long way too. Sometimes you need to live with a piece for a while before you can work out what else you need to go with it or where it should be within a space”.

Jen with The Block judge Shaynna Blaze

A wedding and full license are on the horizon. “I’m not one to do things by halves am I?! Yes, at the age of 31 I am the oldest learner driver in the land but it’s going well, so far! I’m also planning my wedding in five months’ time which is super fun and hasn’t yet been even vaguely stressful!”

She has advice for bloggers like myself. “Work your butt off, write great content, talk to your readers and be a nice and genuine person”.

She’s living the life creative. “Every day, writing and doing what I love, surrounding myself with way more creative and talented people, always looking for inspiration and keeping an open mind”.

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