this week’s top seven creative finds


1 | The world is intent on feeding my desire to turn into a crazy cat lady with 45 felines running around. And who am I to put up a fight? This week I had the pleasure of stumbling across the amazing Cloudy Apple website, where I laid eyes on this amazing Amelie gift pack. These easy-to-assemble decorative boxes – in all their kitty cuteness – are the best way to display a gift, if you can part with them yourself!


2 | After a very long working week, I jumped off the bus on Friday and made a pit-stop into He Made She Made before I hit Crown Street for a bevvie. I can’t even begin to tell you just how breathtaking their new exhibition, Masked Intentions, really is. 21 artists reinvent 21 masks for the 21st Century. Captured by Sydney photographer Tomasz Machnik, the artworks are only being presented to the public until June 9 – so drop by the gallery and check it out.


3 | My design course at the International School of Colour and Design continues to build my knowledge around colour and this gorgeous photo wall on-campus is a wonderful representation of just how many wonderful hues can be found in nature. I think the purple tones are particular standouts in this collage. What are you drawn to?


4 | I continue to come across amazing local website that stock unique homeware and accessories. Case in point this week was Ten Things; an Aussie company that delivers pieces to the public that aim to make your top ten list of most treasured possessions. I’d certainly include these Me & Arrow leather keyrings! Available in four colours, I just love the simplicity of these little gems.


5 | A stroll through the Sydney CBD on Friday had me stumble upon the amazing Lorraine’s Patisserie. Not only does Lorraine Godsmark and her team whip up delectable baked goods, but the intimate store is decked out with some very cool items like the vintage storage unit pictured above. The window displays are also particularly stunning and showcase some very decadent treats that I’d love to get my hands on!


6 | If you’re a fan of a bright and bold print (guilty as charged!), then the range of linen and cotton cushions from Shakiraaz has you covered! These elegant soft furnishings are handmade and hand printed in Australia and I have to say, I can envision the two above working perfectly against a dark wood chair. Hit the website and check the entire range out for yourself – they’re just lovely!


7 | Now I must admit, I am nowhere near as into fashion as I am into home decorating and design, but I do go a little gaga over a nice shoe. I nabbed this pair during the Roger David sale and I have to admit, I wear them endlessly. They’re just so effortless, comfy and pair very well with a dark blue jean.

Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 5.42.21 PM

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