which-are-you-wednesday: armchairs

There’s something wonderfully indulgent about an armchair. I think it’s mostly because it’s made for one person; a real opportunity to have some you time and claim some real estate that nobody else can invade. Whether you curl up with a book, a wine or a cat (or like me, all three!), an armchair is a home essential. But what’s your style? Cast your vote in this week’s Which-are-you-Wednesday: Armchairs!


ABOVE: This Bold Chevron armchair makes a real statement thanks to its use of contrasting black and white colours. The backrest buttoning gives it an added bit of interest, too. Stockist: Oz Design.


ABOVE: There’s something so quaint about this Red Vintage armchair; the pop of coloured fabric makes for the perfect juxtaposition against the aged wooden frame. Perfect for lovers or retro pieces. Stockist: Lakota Trading.


ABOVE: This Grand Leather armchair is just that; grand, masculine, comfortable and no fuss! It’s perfect to set a real sense of moodiness in your space and would play very well with a darker colour scheme. Stockist: Freedom.


ABOVE: The French Ornate armchair has been a very popular trend in homes over the last few years. It’s relaxed yet elegant, a little understated and definitely evokes a sense of comfort. The muted stripes on this one further add to the casual vibe. Stockist: Flower Power.

BELOW: The clean lines of this Compact Colour armchair allow the other design elements to do the talking. The simple button detailing and distinct lack of arms means it’s tidy enough to slot into any space and really evokes a sense of understated charm. Stockist: Freedom.


Screen Shot 2013-05-25 at 10.30.15 PM


11 thoughts on “which-are-you-wednesday: armchairs

  1. I want to go for the brown leather in number three but I think it would be a bit too cumbersome in a home, so I’m going with two, the red vintage

  2. For looks I’d go for grand leather but its not that comfy, yes I’ve tried it at Freedom hahah. Compact colour would get my vote, I can see myself curling up in one

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