I am going to marry miss paperie’s new range

Geo Hearts_Mirror Aztec Pines_Starry_Origami Elephant

Clockwise from left: Geo Hearts, Mirror Aztec Pines, Starry and Origami Elephant

It seems like just yesterday I interviewed Melissa Leung from Miss Paperie – my first interview for The Life Creative. It was, in fact, six months ago, and boy has she been a busy gal between then and now! The creative mastermind has gone from producing geometric stationery to launching a full-blown, breathtaking range of cushions and phone covers. They’re all stamped with her signature style, of course, and I for one am going a bit gaga over them. Alert the authorities: I am about to swoon!

Scatter Pines & Hexagon Pines Cushions

I love the colours in these Scatter Pines and Hexagon Pines cushion covers!

What I adore most about Melissa’s designs is that they are so uniquely hers. I haven’t seen anything like this in the marketplace. The bold pattern choices are genius and they’re allowed to be the hero of the piece because of the subdued colour palette they’ve been paired with. Choosing a fave is a hard task, but I have to say the grey and white Hexagon Pines one is probably the winner, though the black and white Starry cushion is giving it a good run for its money!

Handwritten Alphabet Cushions

I adore the fonts on these Handwritten Alphabet cushions

“They reflect my love of colour, pattern and geometric design,” Melissa tells me. “[and] they are perfect to mix and match. Also, the price makes them very affordable for all!” At $20 a pop I would have to agree; I’ll take them all thanks (you know how obsessed I am with cushions).

You’ll notice below that Melissa has also put her design skills to good use with a range of mobile phone covers. I cannot tell you how much I adore the pink and purple hues in the Triangle Cuts cover and the rainbow brollies in Colour Wheels cover – so bright and beautiful.

Triangle Cuts_Mirror Aztec Pines_Colour Wheels_Hexagon Pines

Clockwise from left: Triangle Cuts, Mirror Aztec Pines, Colour Wheels and Hexagon Pines

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 9.10.59 PM

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 7.25.15 PM

Check out other exciting product ranges by clicking here

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