french antiques in sydney? i’m there!


I’m not afraid to admit that I love a French antique. There is something so wonderfully character-filled about these old finds that just captures my interest. I love a piece with a sense of story too, so when I cast my eyes upon the Contemporary Collection of furniture available at The Country Trader in Waterloo, I had to get the swoon police on speed dial.


The doors of The Country Trader first opened way back in 1982 (which makes the store and I the same age, so not so way back after all), setting a benchmark for other retailers in the area. Owner Geoff Clark, with a keen eye and background in architecture, still selects the pieces himself, making every one truly special.


Just cast your eyeballs over the pictures in this post and you’ll see why I’ve fallen for the furniture at this emporium (I keep ringing that glorious black bookshelf above but it won’t return my calls). There is something so deliciously old-yet-on-trend about everything in this place.


If you’re a fan of a bargain, you’re in luck too, because The Country Trader is currently having a sale on the TCT Contemporary Collection – which are where the photos in this post come from! It is a very rare occasion for this to even occur, so pop into their Waterloo store and check out the antiques for yourself and let me know which pieces you’re loving!
Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.36.16 PM

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