temple & webster style workshop at iscd


It’s safe to say that nothing will keep me away from my love of styling. When I was offered the chance to attend the Temple & Webster styling workshop at the International School of Colour and Design on Saturday, not even the wet and wild Sydney weather could hold me back. Not only did I walk away with the tools to complete my living room look, but I got to meet Temple & Webster superstar (and my personal interiors icons) Karen McCartney. Cue the crazy fan moment!


What I loved about the five-hour workshop – apart from the glorious introduction from Karen that showcased some amazing decor schemes from top Aussie stylists and designers – was that it gave the class easily digestible information. It allowed each of us to think about our own home style, consider the layout of the room in question and set about creating its new look.

With a floor plan of our room in front of us and with the ability to get key insights from the teachers on the day, it wasn’t too long before I had refined my interior style (retro industrial), honed in on what my colour scheme was (triadic; blue, yellow and red) and worked out what to incorporate into the room to ground it and give it cohesion (I need texture and more base colour).


Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 5.29.30 PM

We also got to understand the power of vignettes and just how effective they can be in creating a gorgeous spot to showcase your fave items. With an entire table full of random goodies, we set about piecing together a look we could snap. I went for a neutral colour palette with mine and came up with the shot on the left. I love the roll of hessian trailing out to the left of the shot.

Of course, the icing on the cake was meeting Karen and getting her to sign a copy of her book Creative Homes for me. It’s particularly special because it’s the first homewares book I purchased back in 2005, so it was a real moment to now be getting into styling myself and have this interiors icon sign her best wishes in front of me!

P1120591P1120562Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 7.01.53 PM

The good news is that there are more of these styling classes coming up throughout the year, so hit the iscd website to find out more info. And if you’re yet to check out the Temple & Webster website, I suggest you do so immediately if not sooner! It’s a world of interior decor goodness that you can get for your own home with the click of a button!

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