how to make your own scented candles


I was going to start this post with a “If it’s one thing I love about winter” vibe, but truth be told – I love everything about winter! Candles, though, are distinctly winter if you ask me, so I’m rather fond of making my own scented varieties when Mother Nature lowers the temperature.

I’m going to give you a quick and easy how-to on how I make candles in this post. I say ‘how I make candles’, because I don’t want to be held liable when your house goes up in flames, so please do follow the official instructions that come with the starter pack available at Aussie Candle Supplies (they’re so easy to make, mind you!).

1 | Choose a candle holder – anything that will be able to take the heat of hot wax. Glass holders are great but a pot like this one is effective too (the starter pack comes with glass holders).

2 | Tape down the wicks to the base of your holder using the tape dots supplied. The bigger the holder, the more wicks you might want to use.

3 | Choose which scent you’d like to use. I’m mixing two scents together. It’s all about experimentation and figuring out what combinations you like (fun!).

4 | Grab your wax. One cup of wax flakes will make about half a cup of liquid wax, so measure out accordingly and tip the flakes into a saucepan.

5 | Melt the wax flakes down slowly in a saucepan on the stove on a low heat. It will only take a matter of minutes to melt down completely.

6 | Stir the lumps out toward the end and add drops of your chosen scent to the wax and stir. If the liquid wax doesn’t look like it will be enough for your candle holder, you can always add more wax flakes.

7 | Once fully melted, pour it straight into your candle holder. I hold the wicks in place with chopsticks so they don’t bend too much. I recommend putting newspaper down for this part as it can get messy. Spillages are likely to occur.

8 | Let the candle dry for three hours or so and you’re good to go!

Like I said above, this is how I do it and it’s all a little ad-hoc. I’ve been making candles for over a year now so the process might not be as official as most instructions will demonstrate. What I can say, though, is that it’s a highly addictive pastime and it’s great when occasions roll around; you can make a friend a homemade candle – how cute! So go on, jump onto the Aussie Candle Supplies website and give it a go!

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 5.17.18 PM

9 thoughts on “how to make your own scented candles

    • oh thanks Marianne – I am glad you liked the post. They really are so simple to make. I hope you do give it a go. Send me a picture or post on the FB page perhaps πŸ™‚

  1. just found your blog via Sonias I love how her candles turned out so now after reading you I too am off to order supplies.many thanks-love dee

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