the nookroad story with creator keren moran


You know I love supporting local creatives who are out there doing amazing things. So when I stumbled upon Nookroad, a website that not only showcases amazing handmade items that you can purchase, but explains the story and process behind them, I was onto creator Keren Moran to find out more about this inspiring endeavour.


“We wanted to create a website with a strong community element,” she tells me, “that really showcased and supported the talents of independent makers, artists and designers”. And so Nookroad was born, out of a small office space in the Inner West of Sydney just six months ago.

“I’ve always felt that the value of any handmade product is tied up with its story,” Keren answers, when I ask what interests her about the process behind a piece. “There’s so much that goes into a handmade product, and I find these stories of the creative process so fascinating”.


The feelgood element of the site goes far beyond just telling the story of the person and process behind the products for sale. Nookroad donates funds to charity with its 5% for 5% initiative. “For Nookroad’s sellers, there are no listing fees and only a 5% sales fee. Nookroad has committed to match this fee by donating 5% of its profits to a charity nominated by its community of users”.

Keren explains her reason behind wanting to implement such an initiative. “It’s something really positive that we can do that involves our whole community of users and encourages ethical shopping. We want to be a company that makes a real difference”. Personally, I adore this philosophy. What could be better than purchasing an amazing piece of craft, art or homewares and knowing the story of the person behind the product?


Nookroad is already making quite an impact online for both its customers and the craftspeople making the goods. For Keren and the team, it’s been a challenging yet rewarding experience. “One of the things that continues to amaze me every day is how much talent and creativity there is to discover. I’ve come across so many small creative businesses, but I feel like we are just scratching the surface”.

All of the photos in this post come courtesy of the creatives selling their goods on Nookroad. Find out more, be it to buy or sell some amazing pieces, by jumping onto the Nookroad website.


Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 9.04.46 PM

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