which-are-you-wednesday: bedding

I think bedding is one of those things you don’t fully appreciate the importance of until you sleep in something of quality. This happened to me recently when my parents purchased me a winter quilt. Good Lord it is magical. It inspired this week’s Which-are-you-Wednesday: Bedding! I actually have one of the below sets. Let’s see if you pick it as your fave!

I call this one BRIGHT BOHO because it reminds me of the store, Tree of Life. I also happen to absolutely adore that purple crochet throw and the patterns on those pillows are to die for!

This one is a FLORAL FEAST for the senses. Definitely eye-catching, it’s the ultimate statement piece for those who like to be loud in the bedroom (totally no pun intended there).

This setting just screams GRAPHIC LUXE with its interesting patterns and choice of colour combinations. I love yellow, black and white – as you know – and this look nails it!

What’s not the love about the PLAYFUL POLKA DOT set? I dig the fact that it’s double sided, so when you want to go from monochromatic to something more marvellous, simply flip it!

The SUBDUED SOPHISTICATION of this set is unparalleled. The textures at play here are also right on the money. That coral and grey cushion is a standout!

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 8.06.15 PM

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Check Out and Play Other Which-are-you-Wednesdays from Weeks gone by

12 thoughts on “which-are-you-wednesday: bedding

  1. I’m torn between Graphic Luxe – love the colour scheme, not sure about that bed cover and Subdued Sophistication. What is your opinion on how many cushions/pillows is too many?
    I find 5 well chosen ones is enough.

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