how to achieve a hamptons inspired home


I first came to appreciate the subdued sophistication of a Hamptons-inspired interior when I tuned into The Real Housewives of New York City five seasons ago (don’t judge me!) and saw those wealthy women at their holiday houses. The laidback look of this home decor style really appeals to me, along with the crisp and clean feeling it embodies. So, how does one achieve the look? Let’s explore it shall we?


It really is a matter of breaking down the room and exploring the elements that make it work so wonderfully. I find it comes down to four key areas.

Colour Choices | The Hamptons vibe feels slightly nautical or coastal because of the colours used. You’ll notice white, blue, black and browns are the main players here. Make blues and whites the stars of the show and let browns and blacks be your guest stars.

Soft Furnishings | These are key here; cushions, textured throws and woven or plush rugs will all help you attain the relaxed vibe the Hamptons is famous for.

Simplistic Accessories | You want to achieve a laidback vibe with a sense of grandeur or luxury. To do this, keep your accessories minimal but each item large. Side tables, lamps and vases are great. Keep trinkets to a minimum, though. The more clutter, the less luxurious it will be.

Considered Pattern | It’s important to use pattern to stop this look becoming boring, but just ensure you look for stripes, chevron and the like. Don’t let the pattern go to crazy. A subtly wallpaper can help here too.


Pictures in this post come courtesy of the geniuses at Bandhini Homeware Design Australia. Check out their website for more info.

Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 3.42.54 PM

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