personalise your own ikea serving tray


I’ve received some glorious kudos this week from both the team at IKEA and you divine Creatives for the living room makeover I performed over the weekend (shucks and thanks!). One of the stars of the show was this personalised serving tray that I took from birch wood to black and white stripe. The process is really straight-forward but I think the results are pretty smashing. Here’s how to pimp your own tray if you’re in the mood for a quick project!


1 | Here’s the fun part: hit the IKEA market hall and purchase the Skala birch tray and some fabric from the textiles section. The one I’ve used in this post is Sophia and I think it embodies a bit of quiet sophistication.


2 | Place your tray on top of the fabric – like so, above – and trace around it with a pencil or light pen to mark your circumference.


3 | When it comes time to cut, bear in mind that you’ll need to cut slightly inside your pen or pencil line (as the inside of the tray is smaller than the outside).

4 | Paint your tray. I gave mine a few coats with some really basic and affordable craft paint from Spotlight. Leave it to dry.

5 | Use some craft glue on the inside of the tray and stick in the fabric, smoothing over with your hand.

Alternatively, use no glue at all (I didn’t) and just leave the fabric to sit in the tray as is.


And there you have it, Creatives; a very simple and effective way to put your own stamp on a trusty IKEA product.

Drop a comment below and let me know if you have one of these Skala trays or if you’ve made over any IKEA products of your own!

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 10.14.07 PM

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