inside the simply beautiful papaya, mosman


When the team from Papaya invited me for an exclusive tour of their Mosman store last week, it’s safe to say I was a little beside myself. I’ve been a longtime fan of the brand, always rather fond of their contemporary designs and use of raw materials. When I stepped into the interior of this North Sydney oasis, it was like being transported into another universe, where I lost my mind in the best way possible and am not certain I have it back yet.


Papaya has been known for its wonderfully understated homewares since it opened its doors back in 1996, and this mantra rung true as I wandered through and saw their tableware. There’s something classically beautiful about each piece, yet it all still retains a completely contemporary feel. Their Marakesh Round Lanterns you can see in the picture above were a particular standout, as were the decorative paper napkins below (Lord knows I love a napkin).


I’m all for a lotion and potion and don’t mind a spot of pampering myself, so I was rather excited to see so many soaps, candles and other assorted treats in-store. The Barr-Co products you see above were just stunning; the labels alone are beautiful, but the scent these bad boys give out is also particularly gorgeous. Below, you’ll notice an inclusion that always grabs my attention when I go into any store; a wonderful range of stationery (the cat card has to be my fave!).


As I wandered through the store and headed out back, I was greeted by the most breathtaking courtyard. I didn’t know stores even had courtyards, so this was a real treat. Inside Scoop: The tiles in the courtyard actually come from the Opera House forecourt and the stunning door you see in the picture below is 18th Century Chinese. Yes!

Not only was this courtyard an oasis I never wanted to leave, but it retained such a sense of calm and not a noise from the busy surrounds could be heard. It was truly blissful experience, and I am told the fish that swim in the pond outside are a particular drawcard for kids who want to experience the wonders of Papaya too (and what child wouldn’t?).


Speaking of kids, it might also surprise you to learn that Papaya is the go-to destination for children’s toys. I could not believe some of the plush cuteness that was going down in this store, from traditional bears and bunnies to the quirkier varieties like frogs and owls. I wanted to have a child there and then just so I had a valid reason to grab a toy (or perhaps I will just grab one of the owls below for my cats).
P1120800 P1120802P1120899

Well there you have it, Creatives – my glorious peak inside a North Sydney treasure that you really need to experience. People in the know will also be well aware of Papaya Bondi, which has just recently undergone a major makeover and is well worth the look too. All in all, if you’re after some elegant furniture and homewares that are going to stand the test of time – look no further than Papaya. Drop me a comment below and share your Papaya love story!

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 9.21.00 PM

8 thoughts on “inside the simply beautiful papaya, mosman

    • pendant lamps – be still my beating heart! I’d love to see a pic on TLC Facebook page if you have your phone handy (or you could submit it for the Real Rooms section of the blog :))

    • Thanks Shell. The door was just amazing. More stores need courtyards! I didn’t end up getting the owl because my cat would rip it to shreds and a papaya toy is just too good for a fate like that lol

  1. Thanks so much for the beautiful article! We had so much fun with you in store and we can’t wait to help you indulge again soon. We’ll be sure to let you know first when our new blog about all things Papaya goes live in the next couple of weeks.

    • You are more than welcome. Thank you for having me. I have one of your glorious glass domes and I will be showing my peeps how to showcase their everyday items in the coming week! Stay tuned 🙂

  2. We’re big fans of The Life Creative and it was a lovely surprise for us to see a photo of our cards in this post! Papaya is a great stockist of ours – it really is a beautiful place.
    Big thank you from La La Land card and gifts – keep up the amazing work!

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