my fave pages from the august real living


Issue 90 of Real Living hit my doorstep last week and I’ve been soaking up the interiors goodness for the past few days. This issue was a standout not only because it featured my one true love (industrial decor), but because it showcased some amazing homes that are a little left-of-field. I am swooning all over this issue like a bald eagle. That is, if bald eagles do indeed swoon. I imagine they do. How else do they get prey?


The home above – featured on page 34 – belongs to interior designer Nancy Renzi and is so wonderfully circular. Now, I by no means have a photographic memory, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’ve never been in a home with a round room. This one is executed perfectly and the colours are amazing; how genius is the purple against that copper pendant?

Below is also a space that oozes quirk; a boat transformed into a home by interior architect Valerie Mazerat (page 86). Get a load of that circular window and the glorious bench seat running along that wall. It just goes to show that bench seating can be soft, comfortable and warm. I’m in love.

P1120932 P1120935

Above is the 1930’s villa or restauranteur Denis Lucey and his wife Eliza Brown – showcasing my fave colour combo – on page 104. I love the mix of contemporary pieces and some retro finds in this dining area. And if you saw my recent IKEA living room makeover you’ll be well aware that I am a bit obsessed with black and white stripe at the moment. Too good.

Below, I have saved the best for last – the mono industrial goodness on page 69! The diamond on that wall is still playing on my mind. I have been toying with the idea of getting a diamond tattoo for quite some time and I love the shapes in this one. I think it’s a sign! It goes without saying that the ampersand print is also pretty stellar.


What are your fave pages from the August issue of Real Living? Drop me a comment below and share your best bits!

One thought on “my fave pages from the august real living

  1. They swoop! (bald eagles). Love Dennis and Eliza’s décor too. Also Madi and Jarrod’s apartment on page 150 -151. Looks better than on TV!

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