this week’s top seven creative finds


1 | It was Mumma Creatives 60th birthday on Saturday, so I pulled my craft box out (yes, I am a 31 year old man with a craft box!) and made some personalised gift tags using paint card samples from Bunnings. I love using these cards because the range of colours is just amazing. With the help of a balloon-shaped hole punch I got from Lincraft, I made my own little gift tags that are very one-of-a-kind. What do you think?


2 | Still on Mumma Creatives birthday for a moment, I got her some of those adorable quote cards from kikki.K, along with a four-pack of frames. The cards come with a wooden block to display the cards in, but I love the concept of framing your faves quote and rotating them as you please. This “It’s a new day” one is very charming indeed (though it was hard to narrow down my fave).


3 | I popped back into Temple & Webster HQ on Thursday to get a look at just how much work goes into styling their photoshoots. You’d be amazed how much effort the team put in to get each shot right. The photo above is of their inspiration wall; think of it like a gigantic cork board of visual treats. I have a post coming soon that’ll show you all their hard work on the shoots.


4 | After my stint at T&W, I jumped over to Lakota Trading and met the lovely Jen, who has recently taken over the store with her husband Kash. I’ve told you many a time just how much I love this store, but you’ll be delighted to know that Jen’s also a bit of a whiz around a coffee machine. One of my fave pieces from the visit has to be this enormous map. I love the colours!


5 | Having spent the past few weeks with a cold and my other have having the flu, we’ve finally both fully recovered and were desperate to get out this weekend and soak up some scenery. First stop: Katipo Coffee House Deluxe in Bondi. I have loved this place for years now – and with a gorgeous concrete floor and a setting like the one above – you can see why. Not only is the food fab but the decor is to die for (a real vintage lovers dream!).


6 | My name is Chris and I am a greeting card addict. There, I said it. This Nesting card from Ten Things has to be one of my faves of late because the colours are so vibrant (and it’s no secret that I’m also obsessed with all things bird). In fact, their entire range of cards is pretty stellar, so jump on their website and take in the beauty!


7 | The IKEA market hall is where I tend to lose myself and the art section just before you hit the warehouse is perhaps the most beautiful (ok, on par with the candle section and fabric section). This print and frame are both from this glorious part of the store. This piece of art is now sitting pretty above my very cluttered cork board, to add a nice splash of colour to my blog bay. You like?

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 12.36.08 PM

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