review: abigail ahern’s decorating with style


Alert the presses, Creatives; I have been converted! Once a lover of all things light and bright in interiors (you know, sunshine and lollipops, a place where it’s always spring), this release from style maven Abigail Ahern has given me a wondrous appreciate of interiors with mood. The pictures within this release are somewhat dark, very alluring and quite unlike anything I’ve  laid eyes upon in an interiors book (and you know I have many).


There is something so deliciously dark and glamorous about Ahern’s work. I think we’re all a little use to seeing homes styled and shot in a very bright, white and overexposed way. But Abigail deviates completely from the safety of this trend and captures a mood and eclecticism that is so wonderfully refreshing. She is also the master of fusing styles as you can see below.

“Eclectic interiors marry multiple ideas, a medley of styles and diverse sources to create a look that screams one-of-a-king. Scary stuff? You bet! But, for me, it’s the coolest look around. In fact, interiors that are the most memorable to my mind draw from a plethora of references, from granny to cowboy”.


The book not only covers different design styles to help you hone in on which one you love, but gives you practical tips on how to achieve each look. It also delivers some important info around space, dual function rooms, furniture placement and how to layer furniture and accessories to create balance.

Colour, pattern and texture is where Ahern’s tips are at their best. Colour combining, playing with pattern and her advice around being adventurous with your interiors are my fave components of this book. Ahern is all about throwing out the rulebook and not being afraid to make design mistakes; this is where her and I see eye to eye!

“The key is to not let the mistakes put you off. Learn from them. I am a huge believer that you have to fail in order to succeed”. 


Besides a look into how Ahern’s mind works when it comes to all things interior design, the book is packed to the rafters with projects you can complete to give your home some personalised pizazz; everything from making designer vases to letter lights to chalkboard furniture – it’s all there and infused with her attainable style.

I love how relatable this book is and I love how frank Ahern is in her writing. She admits her faults (“Have patience. I literally have none”), approaches discussions with honesty (“In the past I’ve been a little down on neutral colour schemes”) and leaves me inspired, open to new design possibilities and confident that I can take a few risks when decorating without being afraid to fail.


“As we all know, style has absolutely nothing to do with money. I’ve seen hundreds, no, thousands or tasteful, colour coordinated spaces that are expensively decorated and yet flat, dull, uptight and bland. They don’t seduce, tantalise or increase the pulse rate because they have been decorated to within an in of their lives. What a yawn!”

Are you digging this book? Drop me a comment below and let me know what you love!

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