this week’s top seven creative finds


1 | I love a local set of Creatives making some uniquely Aussie products and the team from Kitchen Ink have not disappointed this week. Get a load of my brand new Mr & Mr pillow case set in all its black and white glory. It’s playing particularly well with my polka dot bedspread and you’ll notice little Oswald there having the time of this life too. They’re also available in Mrs & Mrs and Mr and Mrs sets – too good!


2 | This week I’m set to present my class assignment as iscd on a famous designer in history. Thankfully I got (or rather, pleaded for) Marimekko, because I did a store tour there last year and just adored the range of fabrics and homewares on offer. I’m using this classic Marimekko print in my presentation. I’ll let you know how it all goes – fingers crossed!


3 | I’ve fallen in love with the Bird of Paradise flower the past few months and was delighted when this cushion from Skakiraaz hit my mailbox.  I adore the colours at play here and admire the fact that it’s hand-painted on Tussar silk by creator Shakira Lima. I have a full interview with this very talented lady coming soon on the blog , so stay tuned.


4 | Whenever I get stuck for what to do on my lunchbreak (when I’ve managed to avoid exercise) I take a wander to Dymocks on George Street and hit the home decor and design section. This release from style queen Megan Morton was a particular standout this week. Designed to show you amazing ways to transform your child’s room – so you’ll both love the result – this book got me all clucky for at least half-an-hour!


5 | Anything industrial is pretty much an assumed win on my part, and this Das Industriel lamp from Patturn Studio is very much winning indeed. I love the late 80s, German-inspired pattern on the shade, while the red and green colours against the slightly orange base make for a very interesting colour story. Are you all for it?


6 | I know; every week I bring you some sort of greeting card, but I cannot help it – I truly am addicted! When you cast your eyes upon the ones above from the Museum of Contemporary Art store you’ll see why I’m so smitten with them. I love the bright colours – and a flamingo is always very much appreciated.


7 | Allow me to have a crazy cat lady moment – just this once (I cannot promise that it’s going to be just once). I came into my office this week to discover my kitten giving me the “please don’t move me off the chair” gaze. Sure, it’s not exactly creative, but she does match many of the black and white homewares I have around the place, so that kinda counts… right?

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 8.20.38 PM

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