my new distressed coasters from stone inspired


I’ve been through my fair share of coasters over the years. Not only because some of them fall apart, but because it’s hard to hone in on a style that feels timeless as well as working from a practical perspective (a cork coaster is a one way ticket to Absorption City). I was a bit overcome when I got my hands on these bad boys from Stone Inspired, then – with a personalised gift inside just for me!

What I love about these coasters is not only the design (you can’t go wrong with chevron), but that they’re handcrafted from natural tumbled marble and artfully distressed to give them an old-world feel. Better still, every single coaster is a one-off and has a unique little DNA of its own; the variation in each one is just divine if you ask me!

P1130256 P1130257

As you can see above, the mastermind behind Stone Inspired – Leonie Psillis – included a personalised goodie just for me; my very own The Life Creative coaster. I don’t think I have received anything so mind-blowing in, well, forever! It was definitely a milestone moment for the blog and just goes to show what an impact the small gestures in life can have – thanks Leonie!


If you’d like to find out more information about the  range of coasters on offer (and believe me, there is a vast and varied range to drool over), head on over to the Stone Inspired Facebook page and scope it out.

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 8.27.55 PM

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