real rooms: amber stapff’s lovely living room

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I think I need to rename Real Rooms to ‘Rooms that Make me Weep with Joy’. This latest instalment, which belongs to graphic designer Amber Stapff, is a white wonderland with a minimalistic and calming vibe. You can totally see the designer at play in this space. And I have to admit, it’s making me question my love of colour (please do not tell colour I said that!).

Amber shares this Essendon home with her husband and four-year-old son, and admits that her perfectionism often comes out to play when she’s decorating this rental. “It is hard decorating when you rent and having restrictions on what you can do,” she admits. “But I like the challenge”.

413A3219 copy

The texture Amber has used in this space is genius in ensuring all the neutrals remain dynamic and interesting. The rug is a smart move and really brings all the elements of the room together, while the wicker storage baskets and curtains create a cosiness.

“The thing I love most about this room is the brightness,” Amber tells me. “We have one large window and two smaller windows that are both on opposite sides of the house, so this room is never without light. It’s always relaxing to be in”.

413A3218 copy

The soft greys are another great addition to the space and play well with the white tones. I’m also absolutely in love with that terrarium Amber has created below – and I notice one of my fave little bowls from Freedom beside it. I also love to lean art against a wall as opposed to mounting it, so Amber has once again ticked a design box (you go girl!).


What do you think of this space? Drop a comment below and let me know your fave feature!

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