news just in: bonnie bazaar is here!

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I do love me a new website showcasing some stunning wares for the home. Even better when it’s by two local ladies who’ve taken their passion for interiors and created something both attainable and breathtaking. Creatives, meet Bonnie Bazaar; a boutique of carefully curated homewares – selected to create interior gorgeousness (and Lord knows I love a bit of gorgeousness!).

The brainchild of interior designer Alana Canon and business and social media strategist Chloe’ Waugh, Bonnie Bazaar is your one-stop shop for eclectic homewares, art, textiles, flooring and a whole lot more. It celebrates colour (adore!) and aims to make beautiful accent pieces for your home truly affordable (bonus!).


“We plan for customers to be able to jump online and spice up their living areas easily and have fun while they are doing it,” Chloe’ says, “Bonnie Bazaar will add that all‐important personality to a room”.

Not only can you shop up a storm in the online store, but their e-Design service means you can kick back at home and have the team whip up your very own design concept, giving you the ability to attain the pieces you love. “The best part is our clients won’t have to spend days and sometimes months hunting for homewares and furniture all over the place,” Alana says, “they can be at home and we bring the collections to them”.


Don’t take my word for it, Creatives; hit the Bonnie Bazaar website and check out all the wonderful homewares magic for yourself! And as always, feel free to pop a comment below and let me know what you’re loving about this new treasure trove for online goodies! 

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