real rooms: martine’s stunning outdoor room


Words seem to fail me when it comes to describing just how in love I am with this Northbridge home. The indoors come out, the outdoors go in; it’s a veritable hokey pokey of home design without putting your left leg in! There’s something so spectacular about this space; form and function come together marvellously. Yes, that’s where the magic starts for sure!

“One needs to enjoy the outside space as much as possible,” Martine Vanderspuy – who owns the home – tells me. ¬†She goes on to explain that bringing the outside in was the main objective here. “I designed our room with this in mind. If the weather suddenly changes, the clear¬†awnings come down with the tap of a button. The pizza oven fire and two infrared heaters heat up the room on a cold winters night”.

outdoorroom2sm outdoorroomsm

The space itself is an absolute treat; not only because of its practicality but because tonally it has been kept calm and unified. My fave pieces are the cushions on those armchairs, the candle cluster on that coffee table and – of course – all that marvellous stainless steel.

“The stainless steel really works in the space. Almost an outdoor kitchen. We have come up with all kinds of pizza concoctions over glasses of wine! We have also used it to cook fish and slow roasts. The options are endless”.

Martine also makes some fabulous custom design art that you can check out here.

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 5.55.38 PM

3 thoughts on “real rooms: martine’s stunning outdoor room

    • Martine, your house is stunning. The decor is beautifully, construction looks great and I love the lay out. What a wonderful spot to host a BBQ.
      PS – I think we should be best friends. I’m just around the corner in Cammeray!

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