i’ve recently gone cuckoo for clickon furniture

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I had yet another tyre-screeching moment last week when I drove past the glorious Clickon Furniture in Rosebery. Thankfully I managed to avoid causing an accident, parked the car and high-tailed it into this mecca for all things bright and beautiful. What I uncovered was a glorious dream, filled with light timber, pops of neon and some industrial elements that I have fallen for in a big way (plus they have a cement floor – and you can never go wrong with a cement floor!).

P1130523 P1130534 P1130530

The chairs were the first thing that caught my eye when I walked into this Botany Road bonanza. I simply adore the armchair below, with its sleek timber and soft, green cushions. The showroom is full of unique pieces like this. Further below you’ll notice the gorgeous lime sofa; a testament to Clickon’s love of daring furniture, teamed with equally lovely cushions and prints. There are pops of neon all over the store too, from the Sarai Homewares cement candle holders you saw up top to the cute-as-ever shadow boxes below.

P1130533 P1130541 Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 3.06.05 PM P1130538

I’m absolutely drooling over the wallpaper in the bedroom scene above; it’s foresty and it’s fabulous! And speaking of outdoors, the setting below is perfect proof that blue and green can in fact be seen without something in-between! I love the industrial vibe at play here (and how breathtaking are those clocks?). The chevron rug is also particularly dreamy and the rainbow of candles is the perfect way to add a bit of pop to a neutral colour palette.

P1130549 P1130554

Not only are there Clickon showrooms in both Rosebery (Sydney) and Fitzroy (Melbourne), but there’s a fabulous website that you can peruse and purchase furniture and homewares on. There’s always a stack of unique new arrivals coming in, so you can freshen up your pad for Spring without a second thought!

Are you smitten for Clickon Furniture? Drop me a comment below and let me know what your fave piece is from this post!

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