six must-have online buys for spring

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I do love me a local store tour – you know that – but I am mindful of the fact that not all of you Creatives are in Sydney. So, lovers of an online shop – this one’s for you! With my colour obsession showing no signs of slowing down, I present six of my fave online finds for the home – all in high velocity hues. Some arty, some practical, but all definitely bright and beautiful.

ABOVE: I love these cushions from The Dan 300 Group. I can’t get enough of the pattern and colour combinations that feature on these bad boys. The front cushion is the delightful Macaroons design, while the one at the back, in all its triangular glory, is called kaleidoscope. They’ll definitely light up your living room. Buy them online here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.05.25 PMLEFT: How adorable is this Fred Deer Art from Mid Century Child? Fresh, modern and new is the design concept behind these gorgeous prints, which are available on TheHome website in varying sizes. Other designs include pineapples (the fruit of the moment, don’t you know?!), birds, zebras and more. The sale ends Tuesday. Buy them online here.

BELOW: Typo is another of my one true loves and these Hexe Shadow Boxes just go to show how good this store is when it comes to display storage. I cannot express in words how in love I am with these pieces. Great for renters, you can pop them on the wall using velcro hooks and the array of colours means there’s something for everyone! Buy them online here.

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.07.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.05.15 PM

ABOVE: Be still my beating heart and give me a chair to sit down on (preferable the one in the photo above)! How amazing is this Kria Tableware from Country Road? Made from 100% terracotta with the most wonderfully-coloured glaze inside, it strikes a perfect balance between earthy and elegant. Buy them online here.

BELOW: Spring time means it’s time for a spring clean, there’s no avoiding that! At least Howards Storage World makes the situation a fun one with these lovely Storage Totes. Available in loads of colours and designs, you might even be able to rope in the little ones to help with this project (wishful thinking?). Buy them online here.

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47954_B2_Stemmarkers_largeLEFT: You do not want to see me when I am without a wine in my hour of need, especially if someone has taken said wine by mistake! These colourful MoMa Stemmarkers from Opus Design keep wine time a fine time, come in a set of ten and are made from non-toxic EVA foam. I think they strike the right balance of being playful without being too garish – and your guests can choose their fave colour. Buy them online here.

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4 thoughts on “six must-have online buys for spring

      • Oh thanks! Actually thats quite funny, the reason why I was so curious is I have an orange vintage Bitossi style lamp base myself and been waiting for the right fabric to make a shade. That palm print is perfect. In the meantime I tracked down some great barkcloth prints but that one is really lovely too. And havent come across it. Thanks so much for doing that for me. How awesome are you! Cheers Sandy

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