furniture fix: how to dress a brown sofa


A friend of mine recently told me she was at a loss when it came to decorating around her brown leather sofa. She had tried adding turquoise accessories but admitted that it felt a little expected (I have to agree with her there). Here are a few ideas to ensure your brown couch – be it leather or upholstered – is used successfully in your space and plays well with your other pieces.

Celebrate the Tone | Brown is a beautiful colour; use similar tones in accompanying furniture to keep the space unified. Colours like black and a range of lighter browns, all the way through to cream can also be introduced in other pieces.

Add Some Texture | I don’t just mean putting a textured cushion on your couch (though do that too), I mean bring in a range of other finishes; glass, stone, ceramic, wood and fabrics. The more texture, the more interest – and the more your brown tones will come to life!

Pattern is Your BFF | Your big brown couch is the visual resting place in your space; the quiet piece, if you will. Allow pattern elsewhere to be the element that stimulates your eyes. Utilise it in rugs, wallpaper and on soft furnishings.

Use Delicate Accessories | A brown leather couch can be described as the somewhat masculine, heavy piece in the room. To balance this, you need to feature what some would call the feminine, more delicate objects. Think glassware, vases and other intricate trinkets.

Sprinkle in Colour | My friend was not wrong to add colour, it just needs to be done right. Think of using complimentary hues. Yellow and orange are a fabulous addition to a brown room and green won’t hurt either!


Images in this post come courtesy of Oz Design.

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