styling flowers at home: tips from the expert


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting floral mastermind Naomi Lee at the Ginger Elliott Open House – and I got treated to a styling masterclass that’ll change the way I display flowers at home. Of course I’ve nabbed the insider secrets from Naomi to share with you, Creatives. So here they are; things to bear in mind when buying flowers, staging them in your home and how to make them last longer!


Buying Fresh

Ask your florist what flowers have come in fresh today. Fully bloomed flowers such as tulips and lily’s will not last long.

Selecting Flowers for your Home

Pick colours that will work with your home décor (choosing white is a no brainer and generally works well in almost any home).

Think of the size of your vase; a tall vase will require tall flowers.

If you are buying several flowers to mix in one vase, use a focal flower and then use a secondary flower, one that compliments the focal flower, use up to three types.


Colours to Use

Monochromatic: using colours of the same tones, ie purple, mauve etc

Primary: Blue, Red and Yellow

Secondary Colours: Orange, Purple, Pink

Classic: White, Cream, Green

Arranging flowers

A general rule when it comes to height is 1 ½  times your vase. If your vase is 40cm then your flowers can be seen 60cm above your vase.

Flowers that fall to the sides of the vase may need foliage, or simply cut them shorter.


Use fresh water and recut flowers every two to three days, or keep your flowers fresh by using a dash of bleach in the water.


I hope these tips will help you at home when you buy your next bunch of flowers, Creatives.

Drop me a comment below and let me know if you have any additional tips and tricks that keep your bouquets thriving a little longer!


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