vintage lovin’ at reclaim in newtown


I’m a huge fan of vintage decor; I love that a piece has lived a life and has a story to tell. I had been eyeing off Reclaim in Newtown for some time for this very reason. Not only is it filled to the brim with homewares, fashion and stationery that I have seen nowhere else, but it also has the added bonus of being owned and operated by the glorious Monica Trapaga – jazz singer and Play School alumni! The store is a collection of her favourite things (and now some of mine, too!).

P1130784 P1130796 P1130797 P1130795

As you can see from the photos, the King Street store is a collection of the cute and quirky; everything from fashion accessories, bird ornaments (you know how much I love a bird ornament), gift cards, furniture, candles – you name it. Each piece has a unique, Reclaim flair about it. It’s definitely a little left-of-centre and so very nostalgic, which I love (the vintage suitcases below are just dreamy, don’t you think?).

P1130798 P1130810 P1130800 P1130793

Besides the stunning vintage vibe this Newtown store has to offer, I was also rather impressed that the team do all of the merchandising themselves, which is no walk in the park if you saw how wonderful their displays are. I was told during my tour that everyone who works at the store is involved in one form of creative art or another outside of Reclaim, which is evident in their interior styling. It’s bold and beautiful and very eye-catching indeed.

P1130808 P1130832 P1130833

Have you been to Reclaim in Newtown? Drop me a comment below and let me know if vintage further knocks your socks off and if you’re as obsessed as I am by anything old-world.

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