so i got to baking some cupcakes recently


I’m the first to admit that baking is not my strong suit; I’m far more skilled at putting a room together than I am whipping up a pavlova. But I got in the kitchen recently and gave baking muffins a go anyway. And of course, when I say “I”, what I mean is that my partner did most of the baking; I took pictures, asked when they would be ready and consumed the results. Which, I must argue, is most of the hard work right there (recipe is included in this post, too: macadamia, white choc and berry muffins).

P1140267 P1140272 P1140274

I know this is probably stating the obvious to those of you who get in the kitchen for this sort of thing all the time, but baking is actually quite a therapeutic experience. I enjoyed the whole process from start to finish. The finish was clearly better, because I got to inhale the cupcakes at the end with a nice cup of tea, but all in all it was such fun to spend some time in the kitchen away from the computer!

P1140285 P1140292

Baking is kind of like getting a tattoo, in that once you’ve done it, you have a burning desire to do it again! Well, that was the case for me anyway. Don’t worry, The Life Creative is not going to turn into baking blog by any means, but I might share some of my baking work from time to time moving forward.

Full disclosure: this muffin recipe was lifted right off the Taste website – so I’ll direct you there to get it – just click here and enjoy!

Are you a fan of the bake? Drop me a comment below and share one of your fave recipes – I’d love to try something new (and again, when I say “I”, you know my partner is going to be dragged into it!).

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