what’s your can’t-do decor colour?


I’ve been studying colour psychology this past week in my course at ISCD and my most recent assignment was to think about – and then make a collage using – my most loathed colour. The purpose behind the exercise was to make you think about how you could come to like the colour, or at the very least appreciate it, if you were asked to use it in an interior design scheme by a client (a real ‘make it work’ moment). It didn’t take long for mint to come to mind as my most-loathed hue. The harder part was figuring out why I didn’t like it and then finding a way to appreciate it stylistically.


I guess first and foremost, mint is hard to implement. In terms of complimentary colours, it tends to be teamed with white, which makes for a very feminine vibe. It’s also somewhat soft and pastel in tone, which is something I never gravitate toward. I can never seem to escape the imagery of dental gloves that mint conjures up, either.

But, I had to find a way to appreciate it for this exercise. In exploring all of the imagery online, so much of it was of that soft, feminine nature I just mentioned. There was only one way to get me loving this shade and that was so apply it to my most adored interiors scheme; industrial!



Up popped this image of one of Retrojan’s stools, which seemed to give mint a new lease on life for me. Teamed with wood and metal and given a light sanding to channel a worn and weathered vibe, I came to see a side to mint I had not uncovered before. Dare I say it, I might actually like a mint a little. Who knew!?

Give this exercise a go yourself – it’s surprising what you can uncover.

Drop me a comment below and share your most-hated hue (you might end up becoming besties with it before you know it!).

Image credits for this post in chronological order: Etsy, Flickr, Etsy, Retrojan


3 thoughts on “what’s your can’t-do decor colour?

  1. What a great exercise!
    I guess mine is poo brown, for obvious reasons! I also loathe apricot because 80’s homes are covered in Apricot.
    I’m also scared of using red, it’s such a strong colour & it stresses me out!

  2. Chartreuse – lime with a tad too much yellow. So attention seeking!
    I have encountered this colour in bali style decorated homes (whole feature walls of it!) very unsettling.
    Becoming besties – I don’t think so!
    As a colour exercise I would team soft rosey pink, coral accents to tone down the yellow.

  3. I agree, great exercise! Good to stretch the imagination. I cant get yellow right which is a shame because its so popular right now. Love gold, sunshine and daffodils though!

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