i’m solving your decor dramas in my new segment, interiors SOS!

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Don’t you just adore my Harry Potter-esque smart glasses? Now that I’m graduating from my design course at the International School of Colour and Design, I’m equipped to assist you in ensuring you’re living the life creative at home in my new segment, Interiors SOS. If you have a room that’s feeling drab, one that has been left for dead or a space that’s in need of some style assistance, I’m now at the ready (with my smart specs on) to offer advice on the blog!

Featuring couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is shoot some photos of your room my way:

  • For best results, take some quality photos in natural daylight
  • Shoot the room from multiple angles so I can get an idea of the space
  • Email the photos my way – thelifecreative@gmail.com
  • Include a little blurb telling me what you use the room for, the problem you have with it and what sort of vibe you’d like to achieve


I’ll be sharing your snaps and giving you your Interiors SOS on the blog so everyone can benefit from the advice. It’s a great way to pick up some design tips and it might just inspire you to get crafty and super-stylin’ in your own home! I’ll also recommend where you can source homewares pieces from without spending a fortune!

Interiors SOS kicks off on the new-look TLC blog, which lands Monday November 4 (with over $2000 in prizes to be won, might I add).


2 thoughts on “i’m solving your decor dramas in my new segment, interiors SOS!

  1. Hi.I absolutely adore all your posts.I am definitely after a room makeover.Its a massive challenge but I guess in reality with expert help it maybe quite simple.Help.Victoria.

    • Hey Victoria. Room makeovers can be a challenge and overwhelming at times. This is why I am doing Interiors SOS – to help ease the burden a little bit. Send some snaps my way 🙂

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