trending: obsessed with ombre (and how to pull it off at home)


One of the big trends to come out of Paint Place’s 2014 forecast was Ombre – the art of graduating colours from light to dark. It’s been big in hair for a while now (think balayage) and as with most things, the fashion has spilled over into home decor. I’m currently obsessed with it and love that it can be applied to an array of materials from fabric to wood to ceramic and plastic. Let’s look at some successful applications and figure out how to apply it yourself at home!

original_ombre-tea-towel-in-blue-cutlery SB MINIMAL SYRUP image-rope

I hate to start with the most difficult material to apply ombre too, but fabric showcases it in the most fantastic way. Thankfully, manchester is starting to pop up locally featuring ombre (KMart stocks quilt cover sets), so you don’t have to do it yourself. But if you’re that way inclined (I hear ya), I suggest starting small and experimenting with a tea towel. Head to Spotlight for fabric dye and click here for a full tutorial.

color fade chair tutorial_1 IMG_1180

Furniture is a little easier to apply ombre too, because it’s as simple as spray painting the entire thing one colour (white, like in the example above), spraying one section in your lighter blue hue and completing the look by spraying your dark blue to the bottom – carefully graduating from one colour to another. The easier way to do it on larger pieces, like the desk above, is to just paint sections in large, solid colours. Five shades have been used in this example to give the desired ombre effect.

ombre_yellow_3 il_fullxfull.432756443_kte6

As you can see, the options are rather endless; ceramics and even smartphone cases receive the ombre treatment. It’s definitely a daring, punchy effect and is ideal for Spring, where you can experiment a bit more with colour and call on zesty hues for added wow factor.

Drop me a comment below and let me know if you’re an ombre obsessive and if you’ve experimented at home with it.

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